Insert Purge List

Here’s a list of all the Expired Coupon Inserts you can remove from your stack.

Updated 07/01/2018

April 2018

Purge all inserts for this month and all prior inserts.

May 2018

5/6/18 Purge all inserts

5/13/18 Keep SmartSource, Purge (2) RedPlum
(SmartSource has  4 coupons expiring 5/13/19-11/12/19)

5/20/18 Purge all inserts

5/27/18 No Coupon Inserts 

June 2018

Purge all inserts for this month.

July 2018

7/1/18 Purge P&G

7/8/18 Purge SmartSource, Keep (2) RetailMeNot
(RetailMeNot has 4 coupons expiring 1/8/20 for Fiber Choice, IBgard, FDgard & IBGard)

7/15/18 Purge RetailMeNot

7/22/18 Purge SmartSource, Purge RetailMeNot

7/29/18 Purge (1) SmartSource, Purge (2) RetailMeNot & Purge P&G

August 2018

8/5/18 Purge SmartSource, Purge (1) RetailMeNot

8/12/18 Purge SmartSource (We did not receive a RetailMeNot)

8/19/18 Purge all inserts

8/26/18 Purge SmartSource, Purge RetailMeNot, Purge P&G

September 2018

Purge all inserts

October 2018

Things to remember:

P&G Coupon inserts expire almost monthly. So those can usually be purged as soon as a new one comes in the newspaper.

Dollar General puts their weekly ad inside the SmartSource Coupon insert. It is only good for the week in which it comes in the insert. To save space, pull that out of the Dollar General insert and get rid of it right away! No need to let it take up valuable space!

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