CVS 98% Rule

Threshold Tricks: 98% Purchase Rule Grace

In order to earn ECB, sometimes you will need to spend a certain “Threshold” Dollar Amount.

If an offer states “Spend $10 to earn $5 in ECBs”, well, did you know that CVS has a 98% Purchase Rule that if you only spend $9.80 (98% of $10), you are still considered to have met the threshold and your ECBs will print!

**EXCEPTION** There is an exception to this grace rule. When an ExtraCare deal gives you two options to earn ECBs such as; “Get $5 ECBs wyb $15” OR “Get $10 ECBs wyb $30”, these do not work with the 98% rule. In this case, you must purchase the full $15 or the full $30 for the ECBs to print, so just be sure to plan accordingly.


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